Is it Worth Visiting a Celebrity Hair Salon?

Many hairdressers are now rising up in the world of fame and are celebrities in their own right. They’re not just good at cutting and styling hair, they’re also good at posing for the paparazzi and being interviewed for gossip magazines. But is it really worth paying a visit to their salons? A high percentage…

New Summer Collection from Kylie and Kendall Jenner

The Jenner sisters have been adding to their exclusive clothing collections especially for the summer months. There are a number of new pieces available for you to purchase online if you are a fan of their brands. Kendall and Kylie are smart businesswomen as well as successful stars in their own right. They have a…

Handmade Christening Gowns – Beautiful and Bespoke

Handmade christening gowns are often the top choice for proud parents on their baby’s big day. By choosing your own bespoke design, you can focus on the details that matter to you and ensure that everything is just right. You can co-ordinate the gown with the whole event, selecting an overall colour scheme and planning…

Contouring For a Slimmer More Defined Look

The latest fashion trend is contouring. Contouring is when you use a mixture of light and dark shades of makeup to accentuate your features, whether it be on your face or your body.You can get many types of contouring powder that will do the job, whether it be a mac version or Urban decay, etc……

Check Out Rihanna’s new Handbag Around the Neck Look!

Some of us may┬áhave seen the bags at the Proenza Schouler show in NYC last month and how they were slung around the necks and under the arms of the models, like they just did not care, or wanted to try something new and different (a break away from the norm). The latest celebrity to…

  • Wedding Photographers

    A wedding photographer is expected to remain professional at all times during the wedding, and to catalogue the greatest moments of the occasion. They will be capturing the biggest day of the couple's life, so ensuring that the work is done effectively is the most important thing.
  • Christening Gowns

    A christening is a very important occasion for a young child, and for their parents. It is typically a child's first introduction into their community, so making sure that everything is perfect is very important. There are lots of things which will have bearing on this, such as the location of the event, the location of the gathering afterwards, and also the ceremony. The ceremony involves a christening gowns, which is also important to get right.
  • Vintage Hair Styles

    New hair trends are often traditional hairstyles revived. In recent years we've seen bobs, rolled curls and top knot buns brought back throughout the UK, and whether you regularly visit a salon in the capital or Northampton hairdressers, most stylists today are more than capable of giving you a unique vintage style.