Christmas Jumpers – the Enduring Fashion

Christmas jumpers were not especially fashionable – until a few years ago. They were always thought of as being a little bit old-fashioned, something your dad might wear to be embarrassing at a party… Now though, everyone suddenly wants to wear Christmas jumpers and there is such a wide selection available in all the major…

Are Fringes Still Fashionable?

A fringe is a popular style and always has been. It’s one of those looks that is never really going to go out of fashion, even if the styles that are in fashion may change slightly. It used to be that full box fringes were in fashion, and now, people tend to be seen with…

Red- the Colour this Winter?

Red is a great hair colour for making a statement and standing out from the crowd. However, it takes a lot of care to make red hair work. If you are thinking about red hair, now may be the time to try it out as it is looking like it will be a very fashionable…

Dark Hair – Caring for your New Colour

Bold, dark colours are becoming more fashionable by the day. Everybody from Kylie Jenner to Emma Willis seem to be dying their hair a deeper shade every time we see them. If you want to follow suit, the good news is that dark colours will last longer than light colours. They still need some care…

How Realistic is it to Copy Celebrity Hairstyles?

Celebrities always seem to have the perfect outfit and the perfect hairdo. Of course, they will usually have their own personal stylists to help out which is a big factor. So, is it possible for you to copy a celebrity’s hairstyle? It might be possible to an extent but it is certainly not going to…

  • Distressed Photo Frames

    The shabby chic look is always growing in popularity. Distressed photo frames are no exception and have a very distinctive look about them. They are a typically pretty, homely type of frame that makes an excellent addition to any home. The distressed look isn’t going anywhere any time soon, so this type of wooden frame is a good investment.

  • Wedding Photographers

    A wedding photographer is expected to remain professional at all times during the wedding, and to catalogue the greatest moments of the occasion. They will be capturing the biggest day of the couple's life, so ensuring that the work is done effectively is the most important thing.
  • Christening Gowns

    A christening is a very important occasion for a young child, and for their parents. It is typically a child's first introduction into their community, so making sure that everything is perfect is very important. There are lots of things which will have bearing on this, such as the location of the event, the location of the gathering afterwards, and also the ceremony. The ceremony involves a christening gowns, which is also important to get right.
  • Vintage Hair Styles

    New hair trends are often traditional hairstyles revived. In recent years we've seen bobs, rolled curls and top knot buns brought back throughout the UK, and whether you regularly visit a salon in the capital or Northampton hairdressers, most stylists today are more than capable of giving you a unique vintage style.