Monthly archives: June, 2014

Choosing Warm Summer Clothing

The British weather is unpredictable and even in the summer you’re not guaranteed sunshine and warm weather. This means that warm clothing is still important on some days, but you may want to choose clothing that’s not too heavy. Having a light cardigan can keep away the chill from the wind, and it can easily…

Tips for Choosing Christening Wear

Depending on each religion, a person needs to know whether a particular dress is suitable for religious events or not. A child’s christening is the most important event in the life of a Catholic or Christian family. With this in mind, the following tips will help you choose the right christening wear for this special…

  • Distressed Photo Frames

    The shabby chic look is always growing in popularity. Distressed photo frames are no exception and have a very distinctive look about them. They are a typically pretty, homely type of frame that makes an excellent addition to any home. The distressed look isn’t going anywhere any time soon, so this type of wooden frame is a good investment.

  • Vegan wallets

    Ethical vegan wallets are environmentally conscious, whilst still having a focus on style. They can be made to look like leather, but they are kind to animals and much more eco friendly. Lots of people now choose vegan accessories such as wallets, because they want to live a more sustainable lifestyle and contribute towards a more conscious society. Premium vegan accessories help make this a simple lifestyle choice.