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3 Important Things To Consider When Buying a Christening Gown For Your Baby

Did you know that Prince George has 7 godparents? Yes, as interesting as it may sound it is true. Despite his royalty status, this shows how important christening is to Christianity as it is one of the rights of passage that every baby must go through. Besides from the ceremony itself there are a few…

Sports Shirts: A big no

There is one item of clothing you see particularly on men that attracts heavy criticism. It is not the socks and sandles combination (though that is particularly offensive as well) nor is the wife beater string vests (though, again, those are shocking.) No, what I am talking about is sports shirts. You have all seen…

  • Distressed Photo Frames

    The shabby chic look is always growing in popularity. Distressed photo frames are no exception and have a very distinctive look about them. They are a typically pretty, homely type of frame that makes an excellent addition to any home. The distressed look isn’t going anywhere any time soon, so this type of wooden frame is a good investment.