Dark Hair – Caring for your New Colour

Bold, dark colours are becoming more fashionable by the day. Everybody from Kylie Jenner to Emma Willis seem to be dying their hair a deeper shade every time we see them. If you want to follow suit, the good news is that dark colours will last longer than light colours. They still need some care though, so make sure you look after your hair properly.

Use shampoos that are formulated for dark hair. Sometimes these will even have some pigment in them so that in between colours, you can refresh your hair a little bit. You probably shouldn’t use these shampoos all the time or you can end up with a buildup of colour. Alternate between pigmented shampoos and regular shampoos for coloured hair.

Keep your hair well nourished with protective masks and conditioning treatments. You colour will also last longer if you keep your hair out of the sun.