How Realistic is it to Copy Celebrity Hairstyles?

Celebrities always seem to have the perfect outfit and the perfect hairdo. Of course, they will usually have their own personal stylists to help out which is a big factor. So, is it possible for you to copy a celebrity’s hairstyle?

It might be possible to an extent but it is certainly not going to be cheap. Celebrities will probably have many additional extras, like hair pieces to create a certain look or hair extensions to add length and volume. If there is a certain look you particularly want to recreate, discuss it with your stylist to see if it is going to be possible with your natural hair.

One thing is certainly not going to be possible – changing your hair as often as a celebrity. They will often use wigs, hair pieces and temporary colours to create one-off looks. It would be impossible for you to change your hair colour or length every few weeks and keep your hair in good condition.