Playsuit or jumpsuit?

If you haven’t heard of or owned one of these outfits then you really need look at getting one or the other or both! You have probably heard of the onesie, but these two outfits are the ‘wearable in public’ appropriate alternatives!


The playsuit is a cute little outfit for those warm summer’s days, in the evening at a bbq or warm night on the town. Usually they come as shorts with strappy top combination, some are  even strapless.
The jumpsuit is the same concept but with a full length trouser rather than shorts. These come with a variety of styles for the top half, cowl neck, low back and more. They also come in more fabrics like silks. You will find some suitable for a stylish evening party with diamante detailing, or perhaps a drop pendant from the collar down the back – you’ll see these on the open back designs.