Pompoms – the New Fashion Trend

Did you ever think that in 2018, pom poms would come back? It sounds improbable – but it has happened. And it’s actually catching on very well. Pom poms and tassels are adorning all our high street clothes, and the look is actually very strong.

What kinds of clothes are pom poms being used on? It’s hard to generalise because we are seeing them everywhere! Handbags are often given tassels and pompoms as decoration, and quite often they are used to decorate the hems of cardigans, jackets and shirts as well. You might even find them around the hem of a maxi dress or on the tongue of shoes.

Many people choose to wear these kinds of fashions and it doesn’t look like the pompom will be going anywhere soon. It is a look that is a little bit individual, yet on the cutting edge of fashion as well. It’s perfect for many different kinds of people.