Stripes – the New Look for Summer/ Autumn

Everybody is wearing stripes in some form, and it’s a look that is going to last into the autumn months. As it’s here to stay, you will be investing in a fashionable look if you buy stripes any time in the near future. The great news is, stripes are very flattering as well, so they’re going to suit bodies of all shapes and sizes.

Striped trousers and jumpsuits are a high street staple at the moment. From pinstripes to bold colours, the stripes a horizontal, and are often featured on wide leg trousers and jumpsuits for a retro look. You could adopt this look for your work wear, or buy a jumpsuit for a wedding – it’s a very versatile fashion.

There are also many single stripe designs in shops, usually featuring one stripe down each leg of a pair of trousers. This look is more sporty and casual, making it prefect for jeans and trousers.