The Snood: Gentleman’s Scarves

Undoubtedly one of the finest inventions in recent fashion has been that of the snood. It’s not quite a scarf, and not quite a hood, yet it combines the best aspects of both. You need only look at the training grounds of all premier league football clubs during the colder months to see the snood in action (and even sometimes in the warmer months for some players from warmer climates!) Such was their popularity at football clubs that a few training grounds have actually banned players wearing them while they train.

Some people ridicule the poor snood; it doesn’t have the quiet elegance of a scarf, but it also doesn’t have the chavvy, cheap nature of wearing a hood all the time. A range of colours, a range of materials and a range styles and thicknesses – there’s a snood for all occasions. The snood is here to stay, so you had better get used to it!