Track pants: The dancer’s choice

People have a lot of misconceptions when it comes to attire for dancing. Many people think about sleeveless vests, skin tight black leggings and ballet shoes as the only appropriate dress for the activity. The truth couldn’t be further from this myth. Dancing, and the fashion to go with it, has evolved massively over the years. Many people rejected the ballet attire, and resisted by moving the complete opposite way. People adopted caps, baggy jumpers and baggy sweatpants as their gear of choice.

Now we’re somewhere in the middle. Tracks pants have emerged as the perfect medium between these two extremes. They carry a modern style to then; with a baggy crotch and a stylish cut. However they also maintain the classic ballet influences; they’re tight around the legs, allowing performances and technique to stand out a little more to the watchers. They’re heavily influenced by Asian culture; but have made a big impression in the states.