Choosing a Vegan Handbag Instead of Leather

Vegan leather used to be a premium and rather uncommon option for everyday shoppers. Now it is much more widely available, and while it is still a premium product (if you want high-quality vegan leather, that is), there are various places you can get it. Vegan handbags are easy to get hold of from a variety of retailers, and some designers even specialise in vegan products, in place of leather. The options are varied and if you want to make the switch to environmentally friendly, cruelty free products, you have a lot of options.

With vegan leather being such high quality and looking so much like real leather, there is, essentially, no reason why you wouldn’t be able to make the switch. Even people who love leather can now get such an excellent standard of vegan leather, that they would barely know the difference. Vegan leather has gone from being a specialist product, only really known about by the people who are actively seeking it out, to a fashion accessory in its own right. Widely available, vegan leather is a new staple of many wardrobes because it offers the stylishness people want, along with the eco friendly credentials that today’s conscientious consumer is often looking for as well.

Choosing the Style of Your Vegan Leather Handbag

One of the benefits of vegan leather now is that it has come such a long way, and it is very well made and incredibly beautiful. Pieces that are high quality tend not to be cheap, so it is much the same as buying a good quality leather handbag. Many people choose timeless styles that will not go out of fashion, like crossbody bags, tote bags, and other popular designs. The most popular colours are black and tan vegan leather, made to look just like real leather, but without the cruelty or the negative impact on our planet.

By choosing a timeless style of vegan handbag, this moves away from the fad for so-called ‘fast fashion’ which is where people buy new, cheap items on a regular basis. This is very detrimental to the planet, as it causes huge amounts of waste. It also means that retailers constantly have to be shipping in new products to meet the demand of people looking for cheap clothing, bags and accessories, so it can result in more traffic and transportation to support this business model. Fast fashion never lasts, either because it is low quality, or because the looks that people like change all too quickly. A timeless vegan handbag is an investment, and it is a way of protecting the planet too.

What are vegan leather handbags made of?

Vegan leather handbags can be made of different materials. One of the most popular materials is PU, which forms the durable surface of the leather handbag. The linings might also be made using innovative systems that help to support the planet and environment, for example, some polyester vegan handbag lining materials can be made from recycled plastic bottles.