More and more fashion products and accessories are being sold in vegan varieties. Not only are these products good for people who follow a vegan diet and lifestyle, they’re also great for other consumers too. As technology and materials have become more advanced, it’s possible to craft beautiful vegan wallets, accessories, fashion items, clothing and shoes that look just as good as – if not better than – actual leather. This faux leather look is highly fashionable and is very sought after. Vegan wallets and accessories are only going to keep growing in popularity and becoming increasingly more mainstream.

It’s great knowing that beautiful high quality vegan fashion items are out there, but many of them are sold online – how do you know which ones are high quality? It can be difficult to tell just from looking at a picture on the internet. It’s not always immediately obvious just from looking at a wallet whether it will be beautifully made, designed to meet the practicalities of everyday life, and designed to last.

There are some tricks you can use to make sure that the vegan wallet you’re choosing is of the very highest quality. Here are some options:

  1. Check if it has a lining. Good quality wallets will always be lined, which gives them a more luxurious look and feel, but also makes them more durable and better protected. You will usually be able to see the lining in photos, and the product description should be able to confirm this for you.
  2. Look at the material that’s used. Even in vegan product ranges, some materials are more environmentally friendly than others – and more durable, too. Check the plant content of the material, and if possible, see where this has come from so you will know the environmental impact as well as the quality. A good option is non-food grade corn, which is usually from renewable sources and is a strong, long-lasting, durable material. And as an added bonus, it has a beautiful finish.
  3. Check out the brand in more detail. If you’re looking at vegan wallets on a retailer’s website, note the brand a find out more about them. If they’re a reputable brand selling high-quality goods, you should be able to find a website and learn more about them and their vegan products.
  4. Look at customer reviews. See how other people have rated the wallet’s quality, check out what they’ve said about it and read what they’ve said about quality. If you have a particular concern, such as whether the material is scratch proof, or whether the zips work well, you can often search through reviews using these keywords. This will then show you the reviews most relevant to your interests.
  5. Check the packaging options. If a wallet is from a premium retailer that cares about quality, it will be well packaged. If a brand is well known, they may also offer their own branded packaging for a more premium touch. At the same time, you don’t want the packaging to detract from the eco-friendly credentials of your new wallet – check if it’s recycled or from renewable sources.